Connie Weir Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy

I hope everyone is keeping very safe and well in these challenging times.

I have completed an online COVID infection control course there are certain requirements which may change the appearance of the consulting rooms. When clinics open up again, please note the following guidelines for your safety.


I and all the clinics I work from take your health very seriously and we have all undertaken training to ensure your safety. Please note the following:

  • please do not attend your appointment if you experience any COVID symptoms, or have been in contact with anyone experiencing symptoms - persistent cough; high temperature; loss of taste/smell (the late cancellation fee will be waived under these circumstances)
  • please do not arrive early and I will meet you at the door of the clinic
  • please sanitise your hands on arrival (this will be provided)
  • please bring your own water and tissues
  • please note that toilet facilities may be limited in some clinics
  • I will meet you wearing a facemask, please do the same until seated
  • please ensure payment is made by bank transfer (preferred) or credit card / paypal on the day
  • room cleaning will be carried out between each client and I appreciate your patience in this regard




  • If you are a creature of structure - create yourself a structure. Try and go to bed, get up and eat at roughly the same time. Plan your exercise, reading, Netlix etc.
  • If you don't work well with routine, check on your energy levels and do something appropriate. It can be a good idea to have a list of interests; hobbies; relaxations; chores etc so you can pick to suit your state of mind.
  • Limit news and social media. THIS IS CRUCIAL! There are many self-proclaimed 'experts' out there who have no more information that you do, so be careful what you listen to and read. Follow Government and NHS advice and be sceptical of the rest!
  • Our emotions are likely to be exacerbated by outside stimuli just now. If you are feeling low, please don't watch a doom and gloom movie or read a traumatic book. Choose something more to do with self-care from your list.
  • Be inspired by those you relate to but don't be bullied by those you don't! If you want to run, then run. If you want to redecorate your house, then go for it. But if these things hold no interest for you then DO NOT FEEL GUILTY IF YOU DON'T DO THEM! Again be careful of 'Covid-competition' on social media. It has always been a potentially toxic place, but it's twice as dangerous now...
  • Remember that 'Social Distancing' really means 'Physical Distancing' You can AND SHOULD still talk to people! Say hello across the street when you are out; smile at a stranger; use FaceTime, Skype, Zoom and the good old fashioned telephone and KEEP IN TOUCH!
  • A very wise man (Dr Jonathan Sacks) once said that human beings are extraordinarily equipped to deal with the most challenging situations. However, the one that we can really struggle with is constant and relentless change. That's kind of where we are right now and it is tough. Don't be afraid to admit you are struggling. Talk to friends and family or use the mental health support services - SAMH and MIND are operational and there to help.
  • You are doing fine and it's good enough. No-one was prepared for this and no-one had a handy book or pamphlet. Carve the way that is best for you and stay safe x