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We have an established arrangement with Meditainment who have a selection of relaxation CDs and downloads.
I have spent a great deal of time searching for quality relaxation CDs that I could recommend to clients and friends. I believe I have found the best there is in Meditainment. The pieces are beautifully recorded, the music is pleasant, the voices are calming and the whole recording quality and content is, in my opinion, first class.

There are several relaxation CDs to choose from and each is extremely worthwhile to help stress, anxiety, sleep and general relaxation.

The other very clever advantage is that their CDs are generally split into small sections. So instead of one hour-long session - you have three or four 15 minute or 20 minute sessions on one CD. This way you don't get bored with the same session and you only have to commit to 15 minutes at a time!


Please try them out free for yourself by following the link provided.
If you enjoy the sample, you can order CDs direct from Meditainment or purchase MP3 downloads from their site.


FREE Audio Download of the critically acclaimed 'Secret Garden' Guided Meditation