Connie Weir Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy



This is the most successful area of my practice and an area of special interest for me. Whether you are afraid of flying or spiders or something unique – I recognise it is a very real issue for you.

The very least I would be aiming for is that you leave able to manage the situation you were scared of and I use a blend of the best psychological and hypnotic techniques to help you conquer your fear. For example, you may not relish the thought of visiting the dentist – but at least if you can make the visit without it causing you distress and anxiety, then that’s a great improvement!

I worked in the aviation industry for 12 years and have a particular interest in flying phobias. As a qualified pilot, I can offer practical advice and knowledge in addition to therapeutic relaxation and de-sensitisation.


I also offer sessions to clients who are emigrating from the UK . Here, I use hypnotherapy to address various areas of concern. A specific session outline for those with flying fears is tailored to the type of flight they are taking eg. the long-haul flights to Australia and New Zealand. Clients with needle or blood phobias use sessions prior to medical examinations and inoculations. Clients with animal fears (or more commonly spiders and snakes) are also helped in order to make the transition to their new life much more enjoyable and less stressful.

This procedure involves 3 sessions of 1 - 1.5 hours duration. (Rarely the ‘middle’ session can extend into an extra meeting). The first session involves a lot of chat and a gentle introduction to hypnosis; the second session involves more hypnosis and lots of relaxation; and the third uses a lovely creative technique to help wrap things up and prepare you for the situation itself.