Connie Weir Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy



I work with amateur and professional athletes in a variety of sporting disciplines. Whether it is general performance or improvement in competition, Hypnotherapy can help with common issues such as:
•  Lack of consistency in results
•  Poor concentration or focus
•  Persistent inner critic
•  Anxiety-related restrictions in movement

Often the mental game provides a greater challenge than the physical game – and this is equally true of amateur and professional players.
I recommend three sessions where I can obtain a thorough background to YOUR game and goals; introduce you to hypnosis; teach methods to minimise distractions and increase focus; give practical exercises for feel in your sport; boost confidence and teach self-hypnosis to reproduce the elite, ‘zone' experience.

There are many myths around sports hypnosis – the most common one being that it will be mostly about relaxation. However, this is not what athletes need in competition. I work with managing anxiety in a way that will not end up producing a flat performance, but rather a controlled one.


I work with most sports: golf; racquet sports; running; field athletics and skiing.