Connie Weir Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy



Clients who suffered with flying phobias said:
“I can look forward to my next holiday with no real dread about the flights involved. The help you have given will allow me to enjoy many more holidays in the future and for that I am very grateful indeed.”

"Just to let you know that my therapy was a success.I am more relaxed and will probably always have to work at it when I am flying but that's good enough for me, so I owe you a great big thank you for helping me overcome my fear of flying at least by 85% My husband says a big thank you too he hopes he will get more holidays!"

A client who had suffered with bulimia for many years said:
“Thank you so much for everything, I couldn't have done it without you.”

Successful non-smokers said:
“I really have no desire to smoke! It has been a lot easier than I thought.”

"Update on smoking: 3 weeks on and no cigarettes. So far, so good. I think the hypnosis provides me with the final battle winning weapon that has previously been missing from my arsenal."

"Just to let you know that since I had your "stop smoking" hypnotherapy three weeks ago. I have not felt the need to smoke (or eat to compensate). This is particularly impressive as I have just started a new job and stress levels are high! Thank you..."

Golfing clients said:
“Something has really changed – I am playing so much better and not criticising myself for any mistakes I do make.”

"in one session you improved my confidence on the putting green out of all recognition"

Professional athletes said:
"Connie can take much of the credit for my British title, she made me feel positive and confident when I was close to quitting"

"Things are going fantastic. My coaches have noticed and are very pleased!"

"My training is better, my confidence is better, my performance is better"

A client who wished to lose weight said:
“I really don't want to eat chocolate!” 

"It's strange, I have no desire for pudding!"

"This is great - I'm losing weight and not obsessing about food"

"I'm really pleased. I am losing weight, have more energy and yet don't feel any denial!

A client who is recovering from anorexia said:
"I'm doing fine. I eat a lot more and I'm a lot happier with my life right now everything has gone to plan. I just wanted to thank you for everything..."

A client who had an obsessive habit said:
"I thought you deserve to know that my one consultation with you was a great success.  I have stopped my bad habit completely and have not regressed once during the 5 months since my appointment with you.  This is quite remarkable to me.  20 years of OCD removed in an hour.  Of course I only wish I had come earlier. My sincere thanks and appreciation. Your ability is remarkable." 

A client who had a dental phobia said:
"Just wanted to let you know that tooth was safely removed. Didn’t pass out or embarrass myself in any other way and I think I was about as calm as could be. So thank you very much indeed for helping me through the ordeal. My dentist was very pleased that I managed not to ‘ lamp her’ "