Connie Weir Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy


Unlike hypnotism shows or TV programs you may have seen, the therapeutic use of hypnosis is entirely natural, gentle and you remain in control throughout the session – no matter how ‘deep’ you go.

 For most types of Hypnotherapy session, relaxation is used. This helps you access the issue at hand or the resources to help with solving the issue. If you are breaking a habit or conquering a fear – relaxation is the most effective way of allowing you to tackle this safely and successfully. If you are interested in sports – we would use focus instead of too much relaxation, you don’t want to be laid back in a competition!

In a hypnotic state you do NOT:
• Lose control - you can get up and walk out at any time
• Forget the experience - you should remember everything
• Fall asleep
• Get persuaded to do anything against your will - you are in control


In a hypnotic state you WILL:
• Be in control - the therapist will not be able to make you do or feel anything you do not want to
• Feel completely relaxed
• Hear everything around you and be aware of your surroundings

In the hypnosis part of the session, I ask you to close your eyes (you don’t have to) and all I do is talk to you. I might ask you to use your imagination sometimes, but there is no real effort involved.

Some sessions have a set number of meetings, but in many cases it is impossible to tell how many will be required without first meeting you. I am always happy to start with one session and see how you get on. If another is recommended the decision to book is, of course, yours.