Connie Weir Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy


Further to my Psychology and Hypnotherapy training, this is an area where I have done extensive study – completing a Diploma in counselling for Eating Disorders.

Whether you feel addicted to sugar, or are snacking on nutritionally poor foods rather than a more 'balanced' diet, I believe that this is an area where most people know what to do. These sessions are often about getting the motivation to put into practice what you already know. However, there are a great many myths around about ‘good’ and ‘bad’ foods and, if necessary, these areas are addressed too.

I always strive to develop a workable system with clients (not a ‘diet') that will fit into their lives and routines. This is intended to be a lifestyle adaptation that is reasonable, practical, successful and long-term. Food and exercise are discussed, and hypnosis is used to help break the habits of automatic eating, snacking and bingeing on ‘problem' foods.

I usually recommend between one and three sessions, and then the client should be armed with enough information and unconscious motivation to continue on their own. As with all sessions, I am always happy to start with one and see how you get on. Any decision to continue is, always, yours.